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Fertility Consultation

The initial Consultation can be in person or over the phone. 

This step is very important in planning the start of your pregnancy. During the consultation process, we will evaluate your history and then uniquely draft a plan to accommodate your circumstances and your goals. 

We can also review your medical records from OBGYN or fertility offices to help you better understand your own medical history and diagnosis. 



Transvaginal Ultrasound is imaging of the pelvis including uterus and ovaries.


This process is needed to determine the number and size of each follicle. We would also observe the uterus  lining thickness. 



Before putting your body through extensive medical treatments, let's try IUI. 

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is an ideal option for 

families/individuals looking for a less expensive, less invasive attempt at reproductive assistance. 

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Outside Monitoring

Patients who are already working with a fertility specialist may be in in need of "outside monitoring" services.


This is where the fertility specialist you are working with can communicate directly with our office to request the exam test or exam that you need.


Your fertility specialist will still be in charge of your clinical care and decision making, but we can help collect the information needed, at a location that may be more convenient for you. 

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